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Keep 3D Printing ZIMPLE and SAFE

Zimpure protects your health by vacuuming nanoparticles and gases as close as possible to the extrusion nozzle, where they are released.

This way you leave them no chance to contaminate your environment.

With Zimpure, you can now print any material without worrying about toxic fumes. Zimpure filters up to 99% of the nanoparticles and more than 90% of the gases. It is compatible with many 3D printers.
Zimpure - 3D printer filter system

Compatible with many 3D printers

Compatible with many 3D printers

Compatible with many 3D printers
Zimpure vacuums as close as possible to the nozzle thanks to a suction head especially designed for your 3D printer.

You can access the 3D files and the installation tutorials by selecting your 3D printer in the list below:

With the help of our growing community, we already have more than 30 customized suction heads available.

Zimpure has been developed and tested in a laboratory

Zimpure combines one nanoparticles filter which filters up to 99.9% of the UFPs released and one gas filter, which filters up to 98% of the VOCs.

The powerful but quiet blower ensures an efficient suction flow: up to more than 99% of the UFPs and up to 90% of the gases released by the printer are vacuumed. Zimpure runs with two high-grade replaceable filters which last 500 hours.

Zimpure has been developed and tested in a laboratory
Zimpure has been developed and tested in a laboratory

In addition to counting the hours of operation of your Zimpure, Papa can be connected to your 3D printer and thus run Zimpure only when your machine prints.

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To use Zimpure on your machine, you need to download and print the suction head
specifically designed for your printer. To access this suction head, please select your printer from the list below.
Your printer is not in the list? Help us make Zimpure compatible!

Zimpure on Creality
Zimpure on Delta
Zimpure on dagoma discoeasy
Zimpure on flashforge creator pro
Zimpure on ultimker 2 plus
Zimpure on volumic
Zimpure on zortrax m200
Zimpure on Raise 3D

Health effects

Thermoplastic fusion releases a mix of harmful gases and nanoparticles as you might have noticed by the strong smell when using your 3D printer.

After a few hours of 3D printing in a room, the concentration of nanoparticles can be 11 times higher than average and the gas concentration up to 20 times.

It has been scientifically proven that it can contaminate your pulmonary alveoli and bloodstream and cause serious health troubles / cancers / diseases.

3D Printing health effects

Start printing safely now with Zimpure

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